July Program Graduates

Congratulations to our Sue Eng Ly, Caitlin Sydnor, and Olivia Leftwich for successfully completing a year of service in July! While we are sad to see them go, we wanted to take a moment to share some of their accomplishments.

Sue EngSue Eng Ly served at the Legal Aid Society of Louisville as the Economic Development Program VISTA. The program provides low-­income individuals with free legal services to start or maintain their small business. Sue Eng formed partnerships with community lawyers, connecting them to entrepreneurs who don’t have access to legal services necessary to start and maintain their small businesses. She is currently a Human Rights Advocacy Fellow in University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law.

Caitlin Sydnor served at Kentucky Refugee Ministries as the  Cultural Exchange and Mentoring Coordinator VISTA. She helped develop and refine the existing mentoring and cultural exchange programs at the organization for newly arrived refugees in Louisville. Caitlyn recently achieved her Certified Social Worker license and moved to Washington, DC, to continue serving the community there.

OliviaOlivia Leftwich served at the Backside Learning Center, an organization located at Churchill Downs that provides educational programs for the workers at Churchill Downs and their families. As the Sustainability VISTA, Olivia assisted staff with implementing the organization’s development plan to build support for the primarily low-income, immigrant workers. Olivia is currently pursuing a certificate as a Spanish translator at the University of Louisville with the long-term goal of becoming a medical translator.

Sue Eng, Caitlin, and Olivia: thanks for your service and for getting things done for America!


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