Serve as a VISTA in Louisville!

Put your passion into action and serve as a VISTA in the Louisville community! Our project has a number of exciting positions open. Being a VISTA allows you to be innovative and take initiative to bring the community out of poverty. Learn more about the positions below or contact our VISTA Leader for more information about how you can get things done in Louisville.

Research Coordinator VISTA at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence – Help CNPE and other nonprofits build organizational capacity and strengthen their sustainability to better serve their clients, many of whom live in poverty.

Family and Youth Program VISTA at Americana Community Center – Strengthen educational opportunities for low-income, refugee, and immigrant youth through leadership development programs, parental engagement, and college and career readiness initiatives.

Financial Literacy VISTA at Americana Community Center – Create a financial literacy program to build the self-sufficiency of immigrant and refugee families.

Community Liaison VISTA at Americana Community Center – Join an energetic team working with refugees and immigrants from 101 countries as a liaison strengthening relationships with and creating resources for ethnic communities.

Economic Development Program VISTA at Legal Aid Society – Be part of providing economic opportunities to entrepreneurs and small business owners who lack financial resources to access legal assistance necessary to a successful business venture.

Asset Building/Outreach Coordinator VISTA at Louisville Metro Parks – Work with Jefferson Memorial Forest and a dynamic team to increase economic development and access to healthy futures in West and South Louisville.

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Get things done with AmeriCorps!

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